The Most Beautiful Cinematic Gardens

The Most Beautiful Cinematic Gardens

Films have long been a source of inspiration since they were first created. They offer a visual escape to lose yourself for an hour or so. We’ve gathered some of our favourite films that feature beautiful, high end gardens to inspire your own future plantings. 

Pride And Prejudice (2005)

No matter which remake of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice film is your favourite, everyone would agree that the gardens featured in the 2005 remake staring Kiera Knightly are breathtaking. The Gardens of Mr. Darcy’s estate was filmed at Stourhead which was the perfect backdrop to pine after an unrequited love. Featuring classical architecture (who could forget that rotunda where that iconic first proposal took place), rolling hills, and an array of trees and shrubs, you spend days exploring. Stourhead has been described as “a living work of art” when it first opened in the 1740s. Henry ‘the Magnificent’ created these gardens to express his ideas about the world and their journey through it. Today, the garden is a tranquil place to visit and immerse yourself in 300 years of rich history. Walk along the lake that runs through the middle of the lawns framed by trees which boast rich shades of green that turn into buttery yellows and rich reds come autumn time.

The Secret Garden 

The film that left us dreaming of hidden keys to secret passages. The movie centres around a young girl who stumbles across a hidden door and sets about restoring the garden she finds. As the storyline continues both the character and garden begin to flourish. Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire was used as the backdrop of the 1993 film adaptation and has been used in the new remake. When asked about filming on location Colin Firth who stars in the new adaptation as Archibald Craven commented “filming in environments like these is wonderfully peaceful – a reminder of how dependent we are on nature, and vice versa.”  This is an awe-inspiring water garden surrounded by dramatic abbey ruins and is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Yorkshire.


Set before and during World War II, the 2007 film features immaculate gardens that creates a visual treat while following the gripping plot of deception and loss. The garden scenes took place at Stokesay Court. The path through this garden takes you on a journey along sweeping lawns towards the grotto and rock formations. You can explore the woodlands that take you to the tranquil waterfalls and cascading pools. There is a range of beautiful daffodils and bluebells to be admired along the way. Visitors to these gardens have described their experience as “like being a big old-fashioned cottage garden, romantic and alive with birds and insects.” Private tours are available for visitors to admire these stunning displays.

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