Garden Mystery

Garden Mystery

Dear reader, have you been fortunate to have children to see them grow, to see them leave home and find their way in life? Looking back, did that take long? With the final third of your lives to follow. Life is so brief, and we are such specks in space that the consideration of eternity becomes worthwhile. We can, in this period of our lives, pursue opportunities and interests to find meaning for our personal edification and strength.

Further, have you ever just fallen wilfully into a swimming pool? Just abandoned yourself to it. To hit the surface tension and icy water perhaps in your memory in slow motion. That beautiful, cool, blue sensation scintillating to your skin.

I imagine gardens like this. Sinking into the organic substance of hortus, moisture, fragrance, terroir like an epic poem might take you to a foreign land, another realm. And, it is for you that these places exist. They are imagined and built within your own nursery rhyme, your own twilight between consciousness and sleep. Sometimes we are not really here because we are finding ourselves on some journey.

And, so it is that mysteries in quiet places of reflection and immersion contribute to our wellbeing, to our composure and which fortify us in the face of sorrow or affronts to our integrity. We can fall into the mystery of being fully human transcending our culture and our era.

The gardens which we at Garden Studio are attempting to create are like this. They are not gardens which are designed primarily. They are intended to speak to you, our clients,  like a favourite piece of music might touch you or a story or a film or a relationship. So, they are not for everybody. We are listening for voices, your voice, the voice which is inherent in the space. So, once we have your sojourn in this life gently mapped out as a consequence of conversations with you then we wait for the most beautiful moments for a designer, those which come after a pregnancy of difficulty and struggle, and which speak of understanding, freedom and liberation. Once we enter this space it is love that speaks, love that guides the pen.

It’s not really gardens we make for our clients. Rather we are finding a personalized sanctuary for them for contemplation, elevation and empowerment. A place where you come to know yourself beautiful, beautiful. In a world immersed in artifice, you dear reader, dear client may find gardens such as these a welcome antidote and refuge – a place for departure to a distant land, your own imagined landscape.

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