Ambience Concealed

Ambience Concealed

I would like to draw your attention dear reader to pieces of music which have attracted me recently. They are sometimes electronic, evocative, at times mournful but beautiful. See if you agree.

They include (found on YouTube), ‘Says’ by Nils Frahn, ‘November’ by Max Richter, ‘Only the Winds’ by Olafur Arnalds, ‘Struggle for Pleasure’ by Wim Mertens and ‘Ab Ovo’ by Joep Beving. With accompanying visuals they tell a story but with closed eyes they can take you to places in memory and imagination. Music is fascinating most would agree. It has been said, “without music, life would be a mistake”. Just recently I watched a boy of about 3 years old in the company of adults experiencing strong emotional restraint while listening to someone on piano play the first movement of Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ sonata. Quite moving really.

I don’t play an instrument, I design and make gardens. I’m attempting to ‘compose’ gardens which press in on the users with evocative, sometimes mournful but beautiful emblems of memory and imagination. If you’ve given some of the aforementioned tunes a test run then you might understand what a garden designed in such a manner might achieve. 

Fine gardens, fine wine, classical literature, classical and evocative music, creating or achieving something are often beautiful because they yield an elegance and arouse in us the pleasure of being human. I’m not clever with mathematics but I’ve read that if an equation is beautiful then it is most likely to be true also. Just look at the impression E=mc2 makes on us – isn’t that something? It’s beautiful before we know what it means. Significantly, whatever is beautiful has an underlying and often concealed structure. Unconventional gardens are no different. We are not attempting to play roughshod with your needs, your resources. Just like the boy moved by Beethoven we are sensitive primarily to our client’s needs and aspirations. We are mature enough not to fall into arbitrary traps but look for where adventure might be found through measured responses to dialogue we have with you our clients and what might be achieved in the available space. So, we are crafts-people looking to achieve elegance for you, emotional connections for you and your family with your garden. 

If this approach appeals to you just contact us and see if we can help you make such a garden.  

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