As your kids grow older and enter their teenage years, they start looking for more privacy and for a space that they can call their own.  Give them a place of their own by building a teenage retreat.

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When it comes to building a teenage retreat, there is one thing that you should do before you even get started and that is ask your teenager/s exactly what they want from the space.  Ask their opinions on things such as what colours to use, what flooring they’d like, what furniture should be included, if they want a small fridge to hold drinks and snacks, if they should have their own toilet and so on.  It is going to be your teenagers’ space after all, so giving them input right from the start will give them more of a feeling of ownership.

Things that are included in most teenage retreats include:

  • Furniture – We have included everything from built-in shelves, to assembling IKEA furniture in our retreats. Perhaps you teenager will need a desk in a quiet space to study for their HSC? We can tailor a solution to meet even the most demanding teens!
  • Accessories – this is where you can turn it over to your teenager!  Allow them to decorate the space how they like it in terms of posters, artworks, ornaments, statues, and so on.
  • Electricity – there’s one thing you can count on with teenagers and that is that they will use a lot of electricity!  Our teenage retreats come with all wiring and plenty of power outlets.
  • Kitchenettes and bathrooms – a kitchenette and bathroom will give your teenager more of a feeling of independence, as well as encouraging good cleaning habits (after all, its a reflection of themselves to their friends). It will also stop friends from walking through your house. Our services include a toilet and hand basin for washing.
  • Soundproofing – although it is not required to soundproof your teenagers room as much as our music rooms, adding a small selection of soundproofing options will help prevent unwanted noise from loud movie nights or video games upsetting the surrounding environment.